Fall Playlist

Our new playlist is perfect for all of your autumnal activities. Check out what we're listening to, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

What We're Listening To - September

New month, new playlist. Check out our new favorite tracks from our favorite big-name bands and local artists!


Get hyped for #FootballAtTheWing with our tailgating playlist!

Lighter Options

If you love The Wing and your perfect summer bod, we've got you covered. We have a bunch of lighter and delicious(-er) menu items that will still give you the wild fix you need!

Chips and Dip Etiquette

To dip, or not to dip? - A chip dipping etiquette course for any Winger

What We're Listening To - July

Enjoy the summer sun while jamming out to a new playlist from The Wing! We've packed some old school summertime jams, and threw a few local artists in the mix.

What We're Listening To - June

Our weekly live music is one of the many things we #GetWild about. Thank you to all of our local artists who rock The Wing every weekend! This playlist goes out to you.

What We're Listening To - May

We thank you, May, for bringing back the warm weather, cold beer, and live music on the patio. This playlist is dedicated to you, and all of your glory.

Build Yourself a Beauty

We take this whole 'Wild' thing seriously at The Wing. Take a look at some of these unique burger combos your Average Joe would never think of creating.

What We're Listening To - March

March brings us many things we love: sunshine, warm weather, and a fresh new playlist. We carefully selected the best new music and sprinkled in some wild favorites you can catch at your local Wing.

The Wildest Trivia Team Names

Stunt on everyone by having the most innovative team name in the joint.

What We're Listening To

Whether you're celebrating with dinner for two, or a wild night out with your friends, we've got just the tunes for you.

The Sauce Awards - Season Finale

Ok, wow. This is really it, you guys - our last Sauce Awards. We've come so far, eaten plenty of wings and grown so much as individuals (hopefully).

Karaoke Do's and Don'ts

Karaoke may never be the greatest moment in someone's life, but it can definitely be the worst.

What We're Listening To

New year, new music. Check out what we're listening to this month.

The Sauce Awards - Week 17

College parties, little leaguers, Bills mafia and more in this week's Sauce Awards

The Sauce Awards - Week 16

Santa Clause, rapper conspiracies, Buddy the Elf, and cuddling in this week's Sauce Awards.

The Sauce Awards - Week 15

P Diddy, atomic meltdowns, spoiled fans, Air Monarchs and more on this week's sauce awards.

2017 Wildest Sports Moments Pt. 2

Predicted victories, gruesome injuries and devastating losses are among the wildest things we've seen in the second half of sports this year.

The Sauce Awards - Week 14

Dragons, snow-vertime, euro stepping and more in this week's sauce awards.

The Sauce Awards - Week 13

A grumpy Tom Brady, poor halftime performances, high school nostalgia, and more on this week's Sauce Awards.

What We're Listening To

Tis the season for a new playlist fa la la la la la...

The Sauce Awards - Week 12

The answer for the Brown's QB problems, effortless dance moves, backup kickers being extra backup-kickery, hedges swallowing humans whole, and more in this week's Sauce Awards.

The Sauce Awards - Week 11

Five first half INTs, imploding stadiums, and adolescent anecdotes. Week 11 of The Sauce Awards is here.

Thanksgiving Pairing Guide

Family invites - sent. Fried turkey from Wild Wing - ordered. Side dishes - uhh.. Each of our fried turkey orders comes with an extra side of marinade. You can be wild and drench it on top of your turkey, or you can use it to make some savory sides! Check out some delicious suggestions below.

The Sauce Awards - Week 10

This week we talk excessive kicker celebrations, Canadian Football League, Hog Trailers and Brock Osweiler's legacy.

What We're Listening To

This month's playlist is the perfect remedy for the food coma you'll have after stuffing your face with turkey.

The Sauce Awards - Week 9

We recap NFL Week 9's Atomic Meltdowns, airborne offensive lineman, and 600 yard performances in this edition of the Sauce Awards.

The Sauce Awards - Week 8

Week 8 in the NFL has come to a close and with the injury to Joe Flacco, I think I'm finally ready to say there are no good quarterbacks left. I held out after Bradford and then again when Rodgers went down. But when one of the league's most elite gets viciously knocked out in a Thursday night game, I can no longer remain silent. My only remaining beacon of hope for solid quarterback play is Eli Manning but he was on a bye. Ugh! Alright, enough jokes. Let's get down to some serious saucy business.

Hallowing Costumes

When it comes to Halloween costumes, be original and give it your all! Just make sure it doesn't look like you rummaged through your roommate's closet desperately trying to find something that'll work while your Uber is waiting outside. We devised a list of costumes you'll most likely run into while partying at The Wing this year. We won't be mad if we see a few of them, but if we see a whole party of the same five costumes, we'll know you must be an avid fan of The Sauce.

The Sauce Awards - Week 7

We just wrapped up Week 7 in the NFL and it featured one of the craziest Thursday night games in recent memory and a very London, London game. I found it in my heart to forgive Marshawn Lynch for ruining my fantasy team's chances and I think you should too. He took the BART home after all. Let's get saucy:

The Sauce Awards - Week 6

We just wrapped up week 6 of NFL play and the injury bug is still making its way around the league. Aaron Rodgers, Jameis Winston, and Emmanuel Sanders were all among those impacted. On a lighter note, the Giants (who made their sacrifices to the Injury Overlord last week) got their first win of the season in Denver. I'm hearing all 11-straight win streak playoff theories so please leave a comment if you're a like-minded individual. Let's get saucy:

Hallowing Mad Lib

Halloween is right around the corner! Get into the spooky mood by creating your own Halloween tale. We did the hard part, all you need to do is fill in the blanks! Let us know how your story unfolds!

What We're Listening To

When we think of fall, we think of pumpkins, apple cider, and a hot new playlist from yours truly. This month, we added the newest tracks that are hotter than Braveheart, and threw in some tunes from artists you can see at your local Wing. So grab your comfiest blanket, cozy up by the fireplace and enjoy our October playlist!

The Sauce Awards - Week 5

Week 5 of the NFL just wrapped up and if you're a Giants fan, well, at least the Yankees are still alive. Bills fans, not going to say I told you so. I mean, I'm actually not going to say it. We both knew it was inevitable. Let's get saucy:

The Sauce Awards - Week 4

We've reached the quarter mark of the NFL season which means it's officially the Buffalo Bills heydays. Yes, they're 3-1 now but this is how all of their 7-9 rendezvous' begin, just #TrustTheProcess. We also want to send our condolences to a marginalized group; those who have avoided injuries to their Fantasy teams but still stink. This is a real problem and nothing will change unless we begin to have a conversation about it.

The Sauce Awards - Week 3

This was without question, the most competitive week of NFL games yet, with eight games being decided by one score or less. You've gotten a pass due to some lackluster games in the first couple of weeks, but if you weren't watching the NFL on Red Zone, then why in the hecking heck were you not at a Wild Wing Cafe?

The Sauce Awards - Week 2

The 2017 football season is just a few weeks old and we've already been on too many emotional roller coasters to count. If your fantasy team isn't completely injured yet, you're doing better than most. And if your college team is still undefeated, that means they haven't played the powerhouse that is the Liberty Flames, yet.

The Sauce Awards - Week 1

We were finally graced with football this week and we saw some notable and cringe worthy plays from the NFL and College Football. This week, we awarded remarkable highlights as well as some disaster plays. Let us know which are your favorite and leave us a comment if we missed any!

The Sauce Awards

Football is back. Finally. Yeah, it was a long spring and summer for us too. This year, we'll be awarding the most important plays and developments during each week of the NFL and College football seasons with one of our 33 sauces. So, we're kicking the 2017 Sauce Awards off with a rundown of the most important moments of the 2016 NFL season.

What We're Listening To

Hey Wingers, we're back with the best tunes to help end your summer on a high note. We've mixed our favorite local artists with some of the hottest new songs streaming right now. And we've sprinkled in some tracks that have kept us moving all through the summer.

Back to School Playlist

We know how hard it is to spend all summer getting wild with your wingers and then having to pack up the car and head back to school. But we've got just the wild you need to cure those end-of-summer blues with this month's back to school playlist.

Wildest Sports Moments of 2017

We're just over halfway through 2017 and sports fan have already been treated to some wild and memorable moments. Take a look at our top five sports moments of 2017 so far and tell us which is your favorite in the comments below!

The 2017 Wing Eating Style Guide

Everyone loves to dig into juicy chicken wings, but not everyone does it the same way. As wing connoisseurs, we've seen a lot of different approaches to eating wings. Take a look at some of the different types of chicken wing eaters we know and love.

Sunshine and Summertime at The Wing

Summer's officially here, which means you can #GetWild with a whole heap of fresh new menu items at The Wing. Someone has to celebrate, right? Well, that someone is about to be you.

What We're Listening To

Hey Wingers, we're back with some fresh, new music just in time for summer! We gathered some of our favorite new tracks and mixed in some timeless classics. We also highlighted artists you can see live at your local Wing. Go on and get wild with our June playlist! Be sure to follow us on Spotify for more summer hits.

The Different Types of Dancers You'll See at The Wing

Admit it. You've seen these types of dancers before, and you may even be guilty of being one of them. No matter what band is playing, you always run into people busting moves like this at The Wing.

What's Playing

Looking to #GetWild with some new tunes this week? We've got you covered. Here's what we're listening to at The Wing this month. There's a mix of hot new tracks, some summer classics, and artists you can hear live and local at your Wing. Follow us on Spotify for even more hot, fresh, and wild tunes.

Spice up your bracket pool!

At The Wing, we're always looking to spice things up. So here are some ways to take your office pool to the next level. We'll start out by saying that we love cash, we're not here to tell you that money isn't the best way to reward Karen after she picks a perfect bracket based on her preferred jersey colors. We're here to show you what to do about the losers of your office pool...

What We're Listening To

Hey there wingers, we know you love to come to us for hot wings, cold beer, and good times. Part of those good times includes the live and local acts we book at every store, every weekend. Since you can't be at every Wing every weekend, we're bringing the best bands and our favorite songs to you through our new blog!

Puppy Bowl Party Planner

Hopefully by now you've already placed your order for the Puppy Bowl on Feb. 5th, or whatever big game you plan to watch that day. You and your squad should have plenty of wings, appetizers, and dips to enjoy on game day. If not, stop what you're doing and call your local Wild Wing Cafe right now.

The Next Big Thing at the Wing

We know you loved our limited-time burger builds, and you're digging into those potato pile ups every Sunday, but it's time to get ready for the next big addition to the #FootballAtTheWing menu. Here's a look behind the scenes of the photoshoot for our next limited time offer.

10 Types of Football Fans at The Wing

There are certain characters that you're going to run into and we just want to make sure you're mentally prepared to handle these folks. Some are intense, some are obnoxious, but all are wild and we love them just the same.

10 People You Play Fantasy Football With

Hopefully this isn't your first year playing fantasy football, but if it is - get ready to meet your leaguemates. If you have played before and can't identify a person in your league with a certain character, you probably are that character.

The 10-Step Guide To Enjoying The Hottest Wings

It's like a fever and the only prescription is more hot sauce. You can't be on the fence about ordering the most extreme hot wings. You have to be committed physically and prepared mentally.

The Wild Wing Story #TBT

Wild Wing Cafe was born at the beach. On South Carolina's Hilton Head Island, to be exact, where vacationing families and laid back locals flocked to the town's first-ever restaurant to serve gourmet chicken wings and buckets of ice cold beer.

Behind the Scenes: Irish Pub Burger

As soon as our New Year's Eve parties are over, we start thinking about March. March is a really fun month at Wild Wing. It starts to get warmer in the Southeast, March Madness is in full swing, and... St. Patrick's Day. Most places celebrate St. Patrick's Day. An Irish Car Bomb special here, a few beads to giveaway there, but we'd rather celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the Luck of the Irish all month long. Because, why not?

5 Essential Super Sunday Party Snacks

Did you know there are enough wings consumed on Super Bowl Sunday to fill every seat in each of the NFL's 32 (American) stadiums with 600 chicken wings?! But, that doesn't mean all wings are created equal.

Twas Christmas Season...

...and all over the town, folks were hoping to stop & sit down for presents and parties... all things fun. For so many years, Wild Wing's been the one.

Beware of Missing Out On an Epic Halloween Party

Hallowing is creepin' up on us. This year's party is going to be more SPOOKTACULAR than ever! Check out your location below for more info!

IPA Day + Wings = Yes.

Everybody knows that beer + wings are a match made in heaven, but we did a little research and took that pair a little further by matching up feature IPAs with our 33 made from scratch wing sauces! Check out the pairings that worked best below, and prepare to taste both these IPAs and wings like you've never tasted them before. Let us know what you think @wildwingcafe on Twitter or Instagram.