The Different Types of Dancers You'll See at The Wing

May 25, 2017 | Leave a Comment

Admit it. You've seen these types of dancers before, and you may even be guilty of being one of them. No matter what band is playing, you always run into people busting moves like this at The Wing.

1. The Gifted One

Okay let's face it, this guy knows how to dance. You'll find him in the middle of the dance floor dancing like he owns the place. Maybe he's a natural. Maybe he's been practicing for years. Who knows? If your wings weren't already hot enough, this Winger is guaranteed to turn up the heat.

2. The Shy Guy

This guy may be too afraid to dance at first. But once you give him a few drinks, the shy guy won't think twice about Getting Wild on the dance floor.

3. The Awkward One

This Winger looks like a baby giraffe learning to walk for the first time. They may never find the beat, but they'll get just as Wild as the rest of us.

4. The Cliche

Then there's this guy. He's the definition of old school cool. He's bringing back the Running Man and whipping out his Shopping Cart like he's back in the 80's.

5. Girls Night Out

Once this group of girls hit the floor, you know they mean business. They stay in their tightly wound pack and block out anyone who's not a part of girls night. And they'll bust out that weird choreographed routine they've been perfecting since high school. Someone will find it cool. Some day.

6. Mr. or Mrs. Solo Dolo

Stay out of the way! They've been infected by the beat and there's no chance of stopping soon. This solo star will dance to the beat of their own drum, and look fabulous doing it.

7. The Social Butterfly

This Winger is not afraid to step out of their friend circle. They bounce around the dance floor introducing themselves with their iconic line: "Hey I like your (insert clothing item here)!"

8. The Spiller

When there's dancing, there's usually drinks. When there's drinks and this winger is there, they are usually spilled all over your back. You know it's coming. There's no way to avoid it. Everyone is guilty of being "the spiller" now and then.

9. The Chit Chatter

You know what kills a good groove? Small talk. They'll start talking about the weather when Purple Rain comes on. "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" will be interrupted by, "have you ever been to Houston?" This Winger will talk their way through the whole show if you let them.They're probably just trying to hide their lack of rhythm.

10. The Seat Groovers

Why would you get up when someone is just going to keep bringing wings and drinks to your table anyway? Bust a move without leaving the booth. Plus it'll give you more room for more wings and drinks.