10 Types of Football Fans at The Wing

September 02, 2016 | Leave a Comment

We don't think there's a better place to catch all the action this football season than Wild Wing Cafe (Of course, we're a little biased). If you've never come out to The Wing for a game before, let us show you the lay of the land.

There are certain characters that you're going to run into and we just want to make sure you're mentally prepared to handle these folks. Some are intense, some are obnoxious, but all are wild and we love them just the same.

1. The Yeller

Are they winning? Are they losing? Was it a big play, or a two-yard gain on 1st down? You'll never know. This guy keeps it turned up to 11 all day long.

2. The Obscure Reference Guy

He'll just blindside you with some reference that leaves everyone dumbfounded. "Remember the Vikings Left Tackle from 1976? You look just like him."

3. The Fantasy Dork

Their existence is rooted in conflict. He wants his real team to win, but not at the cost of his fantasy team.

4. The Bandwagon Fan

It's possible that this guy buys 32 jerseys every year. Every Sunday he has a new favorite team. He flip-flops like a trout that just hopped into your boat.

5. The Homer

You have to respect this guy's loyalty. If you're in his bar rooting against his team, you're going to know you don't belong there. If his team loses, you should probably keep one eye over your shoulder in the parking lot.

6. The Glory Days Guy

Says things like, "This isn't even football anymore!" or the timeless classic "Back when I played..." Buy this guy some wings so he has a good reason to keep his mouth shut.

7. The Theif

The Thief flies under the radar. Ever feel like you're hungrier than you should be after eating 12 wings? Well you may have lost 4 of them last time your team scored and you had to chest bump every stranger within 10 feet of you.

8. The "I forgot it's Sunday" Guy

Shows up to The Wing expecting to enjoy a laid back lunch and some music, quickly realizes he's made a mistake.

9. The I-don't-want-to-be-here guy

We all have that one friend who doesn't care about sports and reluctantly tags along the first few Sundays of the season. By week 6, he's polished up on the art of the Irish Goodbye and you won't see him again until February.

10. The Serial High-Fiver

Your team did well? HIGH FIVE! My team did well! HIGH FIVE! Those wings look awesome! HIGH FIVE! Your wife texted you? HIGH FIVE!

When you come watch football at The Wing we have just the wild you need, no matter how wild you are. Can't wait to see you for kickoff, wingers!