Chips and Dip Etiquette

July 27, 2018 | Leave a Comment

To dip, or not to dip? - A chip dipping etiquette course for any Winger

When enjoying a night out at The Wing with friends, things could get awkward. Your ex could be across the bar; you may have walked into the wrong bathroom, or worse. You may have watched your friend ruin a perfectly good bowl of dip by doing the unthinkable... double dipping. Everyone loves some classic chips and dip, but there are some unspoken rules of dipping that everyone must follow...

Wash Your Hands

This one should be a no-brainer for anyone and everyone who has eaten dip. Wash your hands! You're eating finger food. There's something disturbing about your friend going in for a scoop straight after they played an intense, sweaty game of corn hole on the patio.

Sharing is Caring

Yes, dip is great. Trust us, we know. But if you really love something, you've gotta let it go and if it comes back then you know it was meant to be. We know it takes so much willpower to physically stop eating chips and dip, but try to let your friends in on the action.

Flip n' Dip

Don't double dip. Just don't do it. Dip, flip your chip or stick, and dip again. Never dip the same side twice. NEVER.

Chip Off The Ol' Chip

If you suffer the tragedy of a chip breaking off in your dip, there are two ways to save it. This is for veteran dippers only. It's a high-risk, high-reward maneuver. Carefully scoop the chip out with another chip and enjoy the added crunch of two dipped chips at once.

1. For those too traumatized by the loss of their original chip, or simply lacking the confidence to have another go with a chip, just use a clean spoon to scoop it out.

2. Notice we didn't say shove your grubby little fingers in there, right?

Use Utensils

If you're with close friends, it's completely acceptable to use your hands to eat chips and dip. But if you're meeting your girlfriend's parents, you may want to consider using a spoon to scoop dip onto your plate.

Chips and dip are a staple of America's favorite snacktime. It's a great food to enjoy with friends. But before you dip into the good stuff, consider this people-pleasing- chip-dipping etiquette guide. Share with us your wildest chips and dip stories in the comments below!