Behind the Scenes: Irish Pub Burger

February 05, 2016 | Leave a Comment

As soon as our New Year's Eve parties are over, we start thinking about March. March is a really fun month at Wild Wing. It starts to get warmer in the Southeast, March Madness is in full swing, and... St. Patrick's Day. Most places celebrate St. Patrick's Day. An Irish Car Bomb special here, a few beads to giveaway there, but we'd rather celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the Luck of the Irish all month long. Because, why not? This year, along with our big IrishFest parties, we're doing just that with a brand new Irish-inspired burger, and dare we say... it's kickass. Our baby Irish Pub Burger had its very first photo shoot yesterday. Check out a sneak peak video below, can you guess what's on it?

Available starting March 1st!

The Irish Pub Burger. Born to model.