Karaoke Do's and Don'ts

January 22, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Karaoke may never be the greatest moment in someone's life, but it can definitely be the worst. It takes some guts (or maybe some liquid confidence) for someone to sing in front of dozens of strangers. But before you risk your dignity on stage, there are a few ground rules you should know.

DO NOT choose overused songs

There are plenty of songs that you can count on hearing at karaoke. Don't be one of those people who chooses Bohemian Rhapsody or Don't Stop Believin'. We can guarantee that someone already has before you got there... Unless you're Steve Perry, you're not going to make us believe that either of these songs should be sung at another karaoke night.

DO commit 100%

If you're going to suck, you might as well put on a show. It's more enjoyable watching someone completely tone-deaf rock the mic over a decent singer nervously standing there. Even when singing something weird or embarrassing, dominate the stage with dance moves that pack more heat than a Hot Shot.

DO NOT pick a slow song

If the night is filled with slow songs and folk ballads, we might lose it, or snooze it. You don't want to leave your audience emotionally distressed, or worse, bored. Sarah McLaughlin is meant to be played over sad animal commercials, not at karaoke.

DO leave out guitar solos

There's nothing worse than watching someone stand on stage awkwardly while the song features a 3-minute, face-melting guitar solo. That can turn any good karaoke moment into a wildly awkward moment in an instant. The only exception to this rule is people who can shred an air guitar like they're Eddie Van Halen.

DO NOT eat the microphone

Just because you're hungry for attention, it doesn't mean you have to eat the mic. Sure, it looks a little bit like a chicken wing, but you probably already ate a dozen if you're getting wild with us. So rather than smothering that thing in Bubba's BBQ sauce, maybe consider laying off a bit and using some wet naps next time you take the stage. K, thanks.

DO have fun

Whether you're on stage practicing your audition to The Voice Off or you were forced to sing "Single Ladies" by your friends, karaoke is meant to be fun! Just follow our guidelines and you'll be a wild karaoke star. Happy singing!