Puppy Bowl Party Planner

January 18, 2017 | Leave a Comment

Hopefully by now you've already placed your order for the Puppy Bowl on Feb. 5th, or whatever big game you plan to watch that day. You and your squad should have plenty of wings, appetizers, and dips to enjoy on game day. If not, stop what you're doing and call your local Wild Wing Cafe right now.

Now that you're back, let's talk about everything else you need to make game day wild.

1. Beer:


2. Liquor:

For drinkers on diets.

3. Mixers:

For your health.

4. Ice:

Keep those beverages cooler than a cucumber.

5. Cups:

For holding all of these liquids, obviously.

6. Plates:

Get small ones. This way Karen can't eat all of the dip by herself.

7. Coolers:

Because you don't want to have to clean out your fridge. It's the weekend.

8. Bottle openers:

For the craft beer snobs who won't put twist caps on their bottles.

9. Coasters:

No one is going to use them, but you can say you tried.

10. Super Bowl Squares:

If your team isn't playing and you're not betting, we assume you're just there for the wings. Tip of the hat to you.

11. Tough guy to make sure everyone pays up:

Probably someone named Vlad.

12. T-shirt cannon:

Why not? It's a party. Right?

13. Confetti:

It's like virtual reality. You'll feel like you're on the field at the end of the game.

14. Champagne:

See 13.

15. A designated driver/Uber/Lyft/Taxi:

Your party MVP. This individual deserves all of the gold stars and a generous tab at the bar next time he's out at The Wing with you.

16. Beer:

Don't run out.

For those of you who won't be invited back by last year's Puppy Bowl party host, you're welcome to come to The Wing. We heard all about your touchdown dance after you slapped Todd's plate out of his hand last year in the first quarter. It's ok, we forgive you even if Todd doesn't.