The Sauce Awards

September 08, 2017 | Leave a Comment

Football is back. Finally. Yeah, it was a long spring and summer for us too. This year, we'll be awarding the most important plays and developments during each week of the NFL and College football seasons with one of our 33 sauces. So, we're kicking the 2017 Sauce Awards off with a rundown of the most important moments of the 2016 NFL season... You know, like how Game of Thrones plays recaps of all the important stuff before the episode starts.

1.) The General Award --- Peyton Manning retirement

If you're wondering what impact Peyton Manning retiring had on the 2016 season, here's the answer... a lot. After Brock Osweiler walked, the Broncos were forced to start Northwestern (nerd... *coughs*) QB, Trevor Siemian. They also used a first round pick on Paxton Lynch who thus far, has not impressed. Now in 2017, the Osweiler circus has come full circle and landed him back in Denver after the Browns went total Browns and ate $16 million to cut him. The quarterback question marks are still very much alive at mile high and 2017 shouldn't disappoint on drama. It goes to show that when The General goes down, you can expect the rest the of fleet to look disorganized.

2.) The Bleu Cheese Award --- The NFL Ratings

It's only fitting that the NFL's ratings dip deserves a dipping sauce as their Sauce Award. If a splash of bleu cheese is capable of cooling off Braveheart sauce then we're confident Goodell could even make a Marshawn Lynch talk show unwatchable. Of course the ratings are down. What do you expect when you flag for anything even remotely resembling a personality? People watch the NFL to see Chad Ochocinco propose to cheerleaders or Antonio Brown twerk in the end zone. Apparently, touchdown celebrations are allowed again in 2017 but we don't trust it for one second. Nice try Goodell.

3.) The Atomic Meltdown Award --- The Atlanta Falcons


4.) The Wild West Award --- Rams moving to LA

What an impression the Rams made in their LA homecoming. We weren't sure if Los Angeles natives were going to know what American football was and the jury is still out if they do because they definitely didn't see it last year.

5.) The Fireball Award-- Odell vs. the Net

Odell is a walking episode of Desperate Housewives. Dramatic and volatile but compelling and hard to look away from. The net was the peak of his 2016 antics which included a Josh Norman rematch, a bye week boat trip, and a run in with Vikings star CB, Xavier Rhodes. His love/hate relationship with the net was gobbled up by the media and continued to chronicle his fiery personality. I'd imagine we'll get no shortage of Odell Beckham behavior in the 2017 season.