The Sauce Awards - Week 1

September 14, 2017 | Leave a Comment

We were finally graced with football this week and we saw some notable and cringe worthy plays from the NFL and College Football. This week, we awarded remarkable highlights as well as some disaster plays. Let us know which are your favorite and leave us a comment if we missed any!

1.) Ragin' Cajun

Adrian Peterson got a little feisty and yelled at Saints Coach Sean Payton during their season-opening loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Peterson claims he yelled at his coach to run the ball inside the zone. But maybe he was a Ragin' Cajun because he only played nine of the Saints' 62 snaps. (Oh yeah, we went there.)

2.) Atomic Meltdown

The LA Tech and Mississippi State game looked like college football, soccer, and baseball mixed into one sport. The snap comes out a little off center and QB J'Mar Smith tries to recover but fails. Mississippi State's Maurice Smitherman swoops in for the rescue but looks like a baseball outfielder trying to grab the ball without a glove. That (obviously) flops and Smitherman ended up kicking the ball, turning this game into a European football match. This ridiculous fumble went from 2nd & goal to 3rd & 93. Ouch... Talk about an Atomic Meltdown.

3.) Virgin

After Kareem Hunt lost a fumble on the first carry of his NFL career, we all thought it might be a while before he would get another chance on the field. The Chiefs thought otherwise and kept him in for their next offensive play. Hunt went on to score three touchdowns, rushed 148 yards, on 17 carries and caught five passes for 98 yards in his NFL debut. Who says rookies don't learn fast?

4.) Braveheart

Baker Mayfield had the guts to (try to) plant the Oklahoma flag in the Ohio State O after OU crushed the Buckeye's with a 31-16 victory. He knew he should have waited until he got into the locker room to pull this one off. Yikes. Enjoy the hate mail, brother.

5.) Ginger

All aboard the Wentz Wagon! This gifted ginger bobbed and weaved through Redskins defenders all day as he tossed a 58-yard pass to lead the Eagles to a 1-0 start. The Eagles took the W with a 30-17 shutdown that left Washington 0-5 in season openers.