The Sauce Awards - Week 10

November 14, 2017 | Leave a Comment

Welcome to the Sauce Awards, folks. We just wrapped up NFL week 10, a topsy turvy week of college football and some week in the CFL, I'm not even sure if they only play once a week. With a larger sample size, it's finally starting to become clear who the contenders and pretenders are in the NFL. In the NFC, the Eagles, Rams, Vikings and Saints all look tough. And in the AFC... come on, they've got to be cheating in New England. Anyways, let's get saucy before I get worked up talking about the Patriots:

The Slayer - Josh Lambo excessively celebrates

There's nothing worse than seeing a kicker overreact to hitting a very makeable game winner. Go ahead, ask anybody if they watch the NFL to see Justin Tucker play air guitar at midfield. It just doesn't fit. I never thought I would have to bring this issue to light but soccer celebrations should be illegal in football. Dead fishing, 15 yards. The Cristiano Ronaldo magician spin thing -- EJECTED. And so help me if you do that tap-dancing jazz flute thing, I will personally see to it that you are banned from any form of football, American or otherwise. The only good that came out of this celebration was that it reminded me the US didn't qualify for the World Cup. Sorry soccer fans, that was harsh. As a peace offering I'll give you Andrew Luck, he's faking his injury anyways.

Loco Bueno - Canadian Football Limbo

Now I know I say this almost every week, but THIS was the best touchdown celebration of the season. It's hard to steal the spotlight from Sauce Awards regular, Juju Smith-Schuster, especially on a week where he made headlines for more end zone antics, but limbo is next level. Using a human as a prop to pantomime a popular beach dance is a spectacle that won't be topped in the CFL until Johnny Football dunks an empty beer can through the crossbar in the 2018 season. I've always assumed Canadian football was just a fun way to say rugby so I was pretty surprised when I saw these guys in pads. The guy going under the limbo looks like a robot doing a poor impersonation of someone doing the robot, and I for one, am happy this version of rugby exists.

Flying Fajita - Maurice Harris is the catch of the year frontrunner

The catch of the year so far in this 2017 NFL season is brought to you by someone who was called up from the practice squad only a day before the game. This was Maurice Harris' FIRST touchdown catch, people. FIRST. If I know one thing about catching stuff, it's that if you can catch it like this, you can definitely catch it in less challenging ways. Maybe Kirk Cousins needs to take some notes from Eli and stop spreading the ball around so much. Because if you have a guy that can make these plays it's actually smarter to have a one-dimensional offense and force the ball to them every drive. That kind of repetition is how you tire out a defense.

The Boss - Your offensive line doesn't enter games by hog trailer?

To bring out your offensive line separate from the rest of the team and put them in a hog trailer is... Incredible. Simply incredible. It also means they must be awesome. Seriously, do you know any offensive line in the history of football that has ever gotten this much recognition? Ok, on ring number three Brady took his guys to Outback but that's about it. So, I'm assuming this must be Alabama's youth program or some sort of feeder high school, otherwise, have those linemen run through a sign held by the cheerleaders like everyone else.

Atomic Meltdown - The legend of Brock Osweiler

This was the Brock Osweiler play we always knew was coming. It was written in the stars. His destiny decided before the first time he picked up a football as a 6'5" 10-year-old. When he was cut from the Browns, I knew the Universe was aligning for something big, I just didn't know what or when. Now if this was the peak (or valley) of this catastrophe, I feel far from letdown. But I can't help thinking there's a greater Brock moment still out there. If you're reading this, Vance Joseph, please don't give up on #17 yet, the best is yet to come. And to the guy whose face was an unfortunate but crucial element to this storyline, I'm sorry. You should see if Kyrie Irving will send you one of his Batman masks.

Honorable Mentions:

-Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown threw consecutive picks in their double revenge game.
-John Fox reviews what he thought was a touchdown and it gets overturned into a fumble
-There was a streaker at the Bills game (in Buffalo obviously)

See you next week, Saucians.