The Sauce Awards - Week 2

September 19, 2017 | Leave a Comment

The 2017 football season is just a few weeks old and we've already been on too many emotional roller coasters to count. If your fantasy team isn't completely injured yet, you're doing better than most. And if your college team is still undefeated, that means they haven't played the powerhouse that is the Liberty Flames, yet. Sorry Baylor, too soon? Anyways, we're back with our third installment of the Sauce Awards and we've got some highly deserving candidates this week. Peep it:

Marshawn Lynch Dancing - The Boss

Beast mode is back and quite frankly, he's about that action, boss. During their 45-20 routing of the Jets, Marshawn Lynch celebrated with an infectious compilation of dance moves that could've inspired a congo line at a nursing home. Watching Marshawn dance is what we imagine seeing a unicorn in the wild is like. He's everything that's right in this league and we need, neigh, require, 75% Marshawn camera cut-a-ways in all future Raiders games. Sincerely, every NFL fan and/or meme content generator.

Giants offensive line - Atomic Meltdown

If you were fortunate enough to have had to work late on Monday night and didn't see this "Thursday Night" game, go give your boss a hug right now. The Giants offensive line is as soft as dryer lint and easier to rip through than one ply. Please get on the Google machine and watch the highlights of Ereck Flowers getting manhandled by Ziggy Ansah. He looks like a high school freshman who is only playing because his friends are on the team. Oh, and he was a first round pick in 2015. 9th overall to be exact. Ok sure, it doesn't help when your quarterback is about as mobile as a salt covered slug, but holy toledo, Giants O-line, figure it out! *Cue Big Cat meme*

Hit on Deshaun Watson - The Slayer

Yikes, getting RGIII flashbacks. At least Deshaun Watson doesn't listen to Miley Cyrus during pregame... as far as we know.

Double Kick FG - Loco Bueno

Ok, obviously this is one of the most ridiculous high school, rather, football plays you will ever see, BUT, it was technically illegal and shouldn't have counted. You wouldn't praise a baseball catcher for making a diving catch after it hit the backstop, would you? Of course not. This kid was probably the man at his high school this week and he's living a life of lies. Cut the act, kid... What, is too obvious I'm bitter about getting benched for Jake O'Neill in high school?

Antonio Gates - The General

Antonio Gates became the NFL's all-time touchdown leader for Tight Ends this past weekend, a record previously held by Tony Gonzalez with 111. It's a pretty impressive achievement considering he's played most of his career with Philip Rivers and a fraction of it with Norv Turner. Imagine how good he would've been if wasn't just trying to be average.

Honorable Mentions:

-Baylor doing Oklahoma drills during warmups of their game against Duke
-Boise State's tee fetching dog.
-Sam Bradford's knees

Over/ Under Eli gets sacked 7 times in Philly this weekend...? We'll see you next week.