The Sauce Awards - Week 3

September 27, 2017 | Leave a Comment

This was without question, the most competitive week of NFL games yet, with eight games being decided by one score or less. You've gotten a pass due to some lackluster games in the first couple of weeks, but if you weren't watching the NFL on Red Zone, then why in the hecking heck were you not at a Wild Wing Cafe? Fool me once, shame on me. But if this happens again next week, well, we might just have to reevaluate our friendship. Here are this week's Sauce Awards. Laugh, cry, and smile with us.

Bears' Marcus Cooper stops a yard short - Atomic Meltdown

How does this keep happening? Football players of all levels, please, please, learn from Desean Jackson's mistakes. This is the football equivalent of rear ending someone at a stoplight because you were on the Instagram explore page. Or getting caught cheating on a test you already knew the answers to. Bears' fans, we're sorry Marcus Cooper sent you on this emotional roller coaster. But even more sorry he didn't tell you it was actually a log flume and that yes, your clothes would get ruined. The good news is that Big Ben is still atrocious on the road so congrats on the first W, Chicago.

OBJ takes a leak - Old Yeller

Odell's response to why he pretended to, "go number 1," in Philadelphia's end zone was EXACTLY what we expected him to say. Even while the uncanny celebration was occurring, you could already hear his standoffish rationale reverberating all over ESPN. The star wide out claimed, "I'm a dog. So, I acted like a dog." This was either deja vu or just the most on-brand Odell Beckham antic to date.

Rookie kicker Jake Elliot hits game winning, 61 yard FG - Braveheart

According to our in-house Giants fan, it was an, "average kick, or whatever."

Actually, it was a great kick, and that video of Jake Elliot's parent's' reaction is heartwarming and priceless. Congrats, rook. Welcome to the league.

Thursday Night Football - Gold Rush

Hold the phone, folks. Was there actually a good Thursday Night game? Between the Rams and 49ers nonetheless? Yeah, we were shocked too. The Ram's looked golden in their all-gold 'Color Rush' unis, posting 418 yards of total offense. It won't ever feel normal hearing the word, "shootout" associated with Brian Hoyer or Jared Goff's names, but we'll call a spade a spade; this game was a shootout. The Ram's now have a top 10 offense, but don't worry, we're like five years overdue for that Mayan doomsday so we're sure the world is about to end any day now.

Jerome Washington's Butt Catch - Loco Bueno

You're probably all familiar with the infamous Mark Sanchez' butt fumble, right? Well, we raise you one butt catch. Credit Jerome Washington for busting his butt to keep Rutgers' drive alive by converting this deflected pass on 3rd and 9. You just love to see players that worked their butt off all offseason making strides on the field. When it's your butt on the line, you shouldn't care whether you'll be the butt of a bunch of butt jokes, you just go out there and make that butt catch. Ok, sorry... But 'butts' are pretty silly.

Honorable Mentions:

-Joe Flacco's 28 passing yards
-Jim Caldwell face >>> Eli Manning face
-Forthcoming Jim Tomsula gifs

If you're in a fantasy league and your team hasn't won a game yet because you're the team that everyone goes off on, we've got some advice: Trade a few of your best players away in exchange for some good fantasy karma. Trust us.

See you next week.