The Sauce Awards - Week 4

October 05, 2017 | Leave a Comment

We've reached the quarter mark of the NFL season which means it's officially the Buffalo Bills heydays. Yes, they're 3-1 now but this is how all of their 7-9 rendezvous' begin, just #TrustTheProcess. We also want to send our condolences to a marginalized group; those who have avoided injuries to their Fantasy teams but still stink. This is a real problem and nothing will change unless we begin to have a conversation about it. Feel free to donate to my venmo account so I start to earn back my buy in money. Here are this week's Sauce Awards.

Eli Manning is oh so mobile - The Slayer

Week 4 featured an Eli Manning touchdown run. And as everyone expected, the 14-yard scamper made him the team's rushing touchdown leader on the year. Eli has always showed flashes of Randall Cunningham-like mobility, so we're glad the Giants are finally starting to call designed run plays for this yard shark. It's hard to get to 0-4 when you're playing like Vick in '04 but if anyone can do it, it's the New York football Giants.

Bilal Powell's tripping touchdown trot - Loco Bueno

Getting tackled then hopping up and running again is always worth a try. You can't get penalized for an attempt and if you're the Jets, you have to find creative ways to move the ball. This was obviously a well-practiced play so kudos to Bilal Powell for selling this thing and picking up that additional 75 yards. The only thing left in the Jets trick-playbook is a fake punt on 3rd down. Looking forward to that one.

Juju Smith Schuster Kamehameha's in the end zone! - Red Dragon

Whether you want to call it a Street Fighter hadouken or a Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z, we can all agree that this was one of the best touchdown celebrations of the season.

Clemson's Sideline Cop - Fireball

Adam Smotherman, Clemson's assistant strength and conditioning coach, has assumed the role of "get back guy" for defensive coordinator Brent Venables. Venables is an excitable coach and frequently finds himself in the field of play. To avoid being penalized, Smotherman literally follows Venables around during games and pulls him back. Their relationship had been amicable until this spicy altercation took place during their 31-17 victory over Virginia Tech. Trouble in paradise. Hopefully the couple can lay some ground rules before playoff time rolls around for newly #1 ranked Clemson.

Jay Cutler selling the wildcat - Old Yeller

When you're an old dog like Jay, convincing a defense you'll actually be involved in the wildcat is the least of your worries. This is the guy that admitted to doing no preparation for his analyst gig with Fox, so it's hard believe he's someone who practices the 'little things.' Smokin' Jay is a rare breed, and I'm sure we'll miss him for his all-time level of apathy when he eventually does retire.


-Cam Newton's Timberland warm up cleats
-The Rams are colorblind, right?
-Saquon Barkley is very good
-Deshaun Watson might be a top 10 fantasy QB this year

I will probably have to enter witness protection after the anti-Bills slander so fingers crossed they'll be another edition next week.