The Sauce Awards - Week 6

October 19, 2017 | Leave a Comment

We just wrapped up week 6 of NFL play and the injury bug is still making its way around the league. Aaron Rodgers, Jameis Winston, and Emmanuel Sanders were all among those impacted. On a lighter note, the Giants (who made their sacrifices to the Injury Overlord last week) got their first win of the season in Denver. I'm hearing all 11-straight win streak playoff theories so please leave a comment if you're a like-minded individual. Let's get saucy:

Flying Fajita - Kiko Alonso spares Taylor Gabriel's life

"Sir Alonso, your mercy will not be forgotten. You spared the life of one of our own Falcon brethren. Your graciousness will indeed be repaid... would you like for us to let you come back from this 17-point halftime lead?"

Now I can't say for certain whether this conversation between monarchical Dolphins and Falcons took place, but it looks like the best way to make sense of yet another Falcon's cataclysm.

The Boss - The referee practice you didn't think existed

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work. Those are just the facts, people. If you want to call shots for the Shield you need to be on the goal line every Saturday morning perfecting your touchdown call.

I admire this work ethic but it raises a few questions I'd never considered before:

-Are there referee scouts?
-Are there referee coaches?
-Is form more important than intangibles?
-Do they keep track of statistics? Ex. How many times it went to replay and the call stood.
-Is he putting himself at higher risk for a hyperextended elbow?

I NEED answers.

Ragin' Cajun - Golden Tate makes a lot of Saints miss

Ahh this reminds me of my childhood. A typical suburban upbringing, my friends and I enjoying a jovial game of two hand touch in the backyard. Just some whippersnappers playing ball on a Sunday afternoon. *Record scratch* My older brother and his friends swarm in on their Schwinn's faster than puberty starts for 7th-grade-me presenting an oral report on the War of 1812. They pick the teams and promise to make them fair, yet somehow it ends up us vs. them... In this analogy, we were not the Lions... Perhaps it was because I was competitive, or perhaps it was because Michael Burns would sit on my head, but somehow, I was always leaving those games crying.

Loco Bueno - Bobby Rainey 96-yd TD return

We're seeing more and more of these designed same-team tackling plays in the NFL this year. Blame bad quarterback play all you want, but this is football innovation. It's like the first-time teams saw the Wildcat, nobody had any idea how to defend against it. Fast forward a few years and the only teams that still run it are teams that don't care if their QB gets injured. But we're in the same-team tackling heydays now, where you can pick up 96 yards at the drop of a poorly thrown Joe Flacco ball. Kudos to the Ravens for their avant-garde approach to football. It may not have gotten them the win, but it didn't cost them one either.

Atomic Meltdown - Syracuse upsets No. 2 Clemson

Is the Carrier Dome the toughest road-environment in football? Yes. Definitely yes. Death Valley, the Big House, the Carrier Dome; all synonymous. The roar of pessimism from upstate New York weather alone is enough to draw a few false starts from opposing offenses. So the writing was on the wall. And for the first time in his career, Dabo Swinney coached against someone with a better first name than him, Dino Babers. Mental advantage = Syracuse. The Orange faithful capped the victory by storming the field, but you already knew that. These are the same students that storm the court every time they win a conference game in basketball. Congrats Cuse, looking forward to this week's upset of Miami.

Honorable mentions:

-Adrian Peterson is BACK
-Laquon Treadwell had a very sweet one-handed grab. Cough* Why couldn't you be good when I had you on my fantasy team last year? Cough*
-Pharoh Cooper took the opening kickoff 103 yards to the house

See you next week.