Spice up your bracket pool!

March 20, 2017 | Leave a Comment

At The Wing, we're always looking to spice things up. So here are some ways to take your office pool to the next level. We'll start out by saying that we love cash, we're not here to tell you that money isn't the best way to reward Karen after she picks a perfect bracket based on her preferred jersey colors. We're here to show you what to do about the losers of your office pool...

The Check Bet

When you know Tim is picking up the check, you treat yourself. Get an extra dozen wings, you deserve it.

The Braveheart Bet

It's simple -- if you finish in last place you shove a half dozen braveheart wings in your face. You do run the risk of someone losing on purpose with this one...

The Speech Bet

If you're in a good pool, there's bound to be some great trashtalk. In this bet, the loser has to admit how wrong they were about the competition and humbly insult themselves for their inability to identify a cinderella.

The Chauffeur Bet

You can buy another drink because you're not paying for the Uber home. Shout out to your pool's loser who's carting your crew around on the weekend!

The Side Bet

Rather than just settle for cash or nothing, take a 1-on-1 bet with someone you know can pony up. Wager tickets to a game, steak dinner, a trip to your alma mater after they win the title, etc.

The Loser Bet

Who ever loses your bracket pool has to shoot a music video of themselves performing Beck's 90's hit - "Loser."