The 2017 Wing Eating Style Guide

July 26, 2017 | Leave a Comment

Everyone loves to dig into juicy chicken wings, but not everyone does it the same way. As wing connoisseurs, we've seen a lot of different approaches to eating wings. Take a look at some of the different types of chicken wing eaters we know and love.

The Neater Eater

This Winger does not like the idea of getting messy. They tuck their napkin into their shirt to avoid spillage, and they always have extra napkins and wet wipes within arms reach. They carefully eat their meal with precision and make sure they wipe their hands after each bite.

The Too Wild Child

Contrary to the Neater Eater, this Winger loves to get down and dirty. Their hands, shirt, and face are always a mess. Even though it looks like this Winger just dove into a giant pool of sauce, we admire their wild passion for wings.

The Eccentric

We've all seen someone eat chicken wings with a fork and knife and we immediately have to do a double take. Who can even consider eating a chicken wing with utensils? Some people may be a little weirded out by this phenomenon, but this is what makes our Wingers so unique.

The Sauce Fiend

Sauce, sauce, and more sauce. This Winger can't get enough! Their eyes widen as they see the server bringing extra sauce to their table. They drench sauce all over their wings; double and even triple dipping to ensure maximum coverage. We suggest this Winger steers clear of the Neater Eater.

The Champ

This Winger hacked the system - eating a chicken wing in one swift bite. Some people don't believe it until they see it. Others think it's a paradox. Some even travel far and wide to to master the technique, but only a few succeed. This Winger is a true chicken wing champ. Please, no pictures.

We love what makes our Wingers unique. Comment below and tell us your wild way to eat wings!